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Heirloom's Natrasorb Bath is a modified tapioca starch in the form of a light and fluffy white to off-white powder.
Able to absorb and carry large amounts of oils and anhydrous liquids, this processed starch mops up your gorgeous oils and dissolves once added to water, dispersing your creation throughout. Natrasorb is a great way to add essential, fragrance or even carrier oils to your bath water without moistening your other ingredients. The starch itself adds a pleasant softness to the water without falling to the bottom of your tub.
Use in bath salts, bath bombs, bath milks, bath fizzies, body powders, shampoos, conditioners and other creations requiring this capability. Our Natrasorb enhances the fragrance component of your projects, allowing for a more considerable scent load. Try adding double the weight of fragrance to Natrasorb bath and mixing well, before adding to your mix and enjoying the enchanting scent release.

Country of Origin: America
INCI: Tapioca Starch
CAS Number: 9050-36-6

Always store in a cool, airtight location to get the full shelf life from the product. Do not expose to direct heat, sparks or flame.