Paraffin is the most popular wax used to manufacture candles in the world. It is a cheaper option for candle making and holds fragrance and colour well. Our fully refined paraffin wax has a Melt point 60-62ºC. Paraffin candles can be greatly improved by the addition of 2-10% palm stearic acid for hardness &/or 1-2% vybar substitute to increase its holding capacity for fragrance oils and bring out color and brightness and help eliminate bubbles and mottling. Both colour tabs and liquid candle colours are suitable for use with paraffin wax. As paraffin wax tends to shrink as it cools keeping some of your prepared wax aside for a top up so there are no issues with colour matching.

CAS# 8002-74-2

100gms will return approximately 109ml finished candle volume Fragrance loading of up to 6% is recommended for this product

Please note that 25kg of this product is supplied as blocks that may not be the same size but will total 25kg in weight.