Discover Exotic Bliss with Our Passionfruit and Papaya Fragrance Oil

Welcome to a tropical oasis of scent – our Passionfruit and Papaya Fragrance Oil is a sensory journey into the heart of exotic paradise. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating aroma of succulent passionfruit and luscious papaya, meticulously blended to capture the essence of a sun-drenched getaway.

 From candles and diffusers to bath products and handmade soaps, our Passionfruit and Papaya Fragrance Oil is your passport to infusing any space or creation with the irresistible allure of tropical inspiration.  Transform your home or personal space into a sanctuary of exotic bliss. Allow the fragrance to whisk you away to white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and the warmth of the tropical sun.

This oil was tested by Lee from Wicked Lee Goods https://wickedleegoods.shop/   If soap making is not for you please visit her site and choose something from her amazing selection.

She said: The Passionfruit & Payapa was crazy. It only thickened a bit after I stick blended the crap out of it. It'll be perfect for swirls and stuff.
I REALLY like this one :)
Smells so fruity, just like melon and passionfruit.
Coloured with Daffodil Yellow (middle layer) and Naval Orange (top layer).
No ricing. Slowed trace in uncoloured layer. Stick blended the shit out of it and it was great.
Discolours to pink but cannot be seen in coloured layers. It's fairly subtle so I think any colour would cover it.


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