Heirloom's  Plastic Dropper is just perfect for crafting and using with mini moulds! With a capacity of 5ml, this dropper is just the right size for precise and easy application of liquids such as molten soap, candle wax and cocoa butter.

Crafting enthusiasts and professionals alike will appreciate the convenience of our dropper's compact design, making it easy to store and transport. Plus, the dropper's clear plastic body allows for easy monitoring of the liquid levels inside, ensuring that you never run out mid-project.

Our dropper is also incredibly easy to use. Simply squeeze the rubber bulb on the top of the dropper to draw in liquid, then release the bulb to dispense the liquid with precision accuracy. It's that easy!  The bulb is removable for easy cleaning.

Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, our plastic dropper is a must-have tool for your crafting kit. So why wait? Order your 5ml plastic dropper today and take your crafting to the next level!

Available in an assortment of colours but will be randomly selected for you.