Shrink bags are a quick and easy way to package cold process and melt and pour soap, bath bombs and many other related products.  These bags are made from Polyolefin to ensure they are kinder to the environment as it is recyclable and non-toxic when heated.  Place in your curbside collection as it qualifies as recycle code 7.

The bags are sealed on three sides leaving the final side open to allow you to include your product and seal the final side yourself.  A heat sealer is the best way to seal the bags as using sticky tape may cause uneven shrinkage and distortion of the tape.  If you must use tape use it in a discrete location such as the base and place your label or message over the top.

Bags will shrink up to 40% of their size so please take this into consideration when selecting your bag sizing.

Material: Clear Polyolefin (POF)
Shrink capacity: Approximately 40%