Shrink wrap roll 355mm is wider than our normal shrink wrap and as such demands a category of its own. This product is double thickness being folded to allow you to slide your product in between the two layers of 355mm width. 
Currently only sold in bulk quantity we will be transitioning to this size over time. 
To use: Separate the two sides of film.  Use a heat sealer to partition off product size portions.  Insert product and seal all sides to enclose it completely with a margin of 1cm minimum to allow it to shrink.  To shrink the film use a heat gun on medium setting (if adjustable) on the back first then taking up the slack on the front for a firm finish.
If you do not have a heat sealer sticky tape can be used while trying to keep excess material to the back of the product where it can be covered by a label.  The finish will not be as neat, but will hold.
Width:  355mm
Length: 1332m