Heirloom's Shrink Wrap is a softer, malleable product that has low shrink tension that will shrink beautifully to the contours of your product. It is used to make your products airtight while enhancing the appeal of the product to your clients.

This shrink film is pre-folded with a 30cm width, allowing you to slide your product in between the layers, seal, and then shrink with heat gun or hair dryer to fit snugly around your product. Purchase the amount you would like by the metre and we will custom roll this off for you, or buy a roll and have it at your fingertips ready to go.

This product is known for being softer than others which allow for more intricate mouldings to bath bombs, single mould soaps etc.  Just what you need when you want those details to show but need to ensure it is safely wrapped.

Material: Polyoleofin

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