Silica Microspheres (Dri Silc) is a fine white powder made totally of silica which will impart finished products with an elegant silky texture, and enhanced slip which promotes better blending on the skin. Their ability to scatter light reduces the appearance of  fine lines and wrinkles, but is sheer enough to maintain a soft, natural look. Used at 1% - 15% depending on your needs it will absorb excess oil and aid slip of your finished creation.

Use in creams, lotions, body butters and mineral makeup to aid oil control and deliver a smooth, silky skin feel 

Add to the oil phase and fully dispersed to get maximum oil absorption of 1.5gm of oil to 1gm microspheres, or add in the final stages of manufacture.

Approved for use on lips, eyes, nails and face
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CI# 7631
CAS# 7631-86-9
Ingredient: Silica (amorphous) 
INCI: Silica
COSMOS certified
Is it natural:  Yes
Micron Size: 12
Vegan and vegetarian (no silk products contained in this product)

**Silica microspheres are marketed under "Dri Silc" by other suppliers so this name is listed to reduce confusion around this ingredient.  It is the same product.