Silicone Substitute Liquid is a satin feel liquid product to replace silicones, especially dimethicones, in your products.  Providing emolliency, lubricity and moisture barrier forming capabilities make it suited to both skin and hair care for softness and gloss.

Extremely versatile Silicone Substitute Liquid can be used for all types of creams and lotions - both oil in water and water in oil - and pure enough for use in baby lotions.  Can be used in colour care products and in powder binders.

Sililcone Substitute Liquid is an excellent substitute for dimethicones when you are looking for a more natural option to add to your hair and skin care with greater resistance to oxidation than classic vegetable oils.

INCI: Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
Derived from natural sources with minimal processing (NDM)
Contains RSPO Mass-Balance certified palm oil
CAS# 68334-28-1
Viscosity: 25-35 mPa.s
Uses: Skin and hair care products
Usage rate: 2-20%
Flash Point: 85-95ºC