Slab Ridged Square Mould 1lt is a rigid self standing soap mould that is ideal for soaping techniques that need the design to be created through a flat canvas rather than a loaf presentation.  Also suited to bars that you wish to customise with sizing or presentation.  This format will require cutting once unmoulded.  The number of bars retrieved will depend on the size and shape you decide to make them.

Cavity length: 15cm
Cavity Width: 15cm
Cavity depth: 5cm
Capacity: 1litre  (please note: not 1 kilogram)

Unmould by releasing your soap from each of the 4 sides carefully, invert and press gently on the base to allow the release of the underside.  If you can allow a little air in through the sides it will speed the process. 

If making cold process soap in this mould we would suggest an addition of 10gm sodium lactate to aid easy release, leave in the mould for 48 hours and an experienced soaper can include a water discount.