For years we have been hearing about the stash of loose paper sheets, exercise books that get confused with the kids homework and the recipes that just disappear.  Finally there is a safe place to put all your custom recipes, ideas and designs that allows you to track your batches and keep all your data in the one location.

Introducing the Heirloom Soap Makers Journal, the perfect companion for cold process soap makers! Our 6 x 9 Inch paperback book provides 198 pages of simple recipe templates, allowing you to keep track of all your soap making creations in one convenient location. Never lose a recipe again with this must-have tool for any soap making enthusiast!
- 6 x 9 Inch book
- Paperback
- 176 Pages ( 88 x recipe double page )
- 10 Pages for batch cut-out labels
- 6 Pages for batch history ( 174 entries )
- Handy Measurement Conversion Chart
- Sap Values Listed for most common oils

This is not a recipe book UNTIL it is filled with your brilliant ideas.