Tall and Skinny Ridged Soap Mould is brilliant when you want to layer colours and a standard mould wont let you make it high enough. It allows for different dimensions of design and planning for the soap of your dreams. Cold process soap may require a little longer to set before unmoulding in this product due to the reduced surface area, but 35 hours should let you see your creation. The sizes are reinforced with extra silicone strips to stop distortion when filled without the need for and external box.
Length - 30.5cm
Width - 5.6cm
Height - 8.5cm
Capacity - 1.4kg

We recommend a little extra support on the long sides to assist the mould to keep its shape as slight bowing may occur with a full mould due to its great length.  Bricks or books will keep this beauty feeling well supported and in shape for amazing Tall and Skinny soaps

Don't discard the thought of candle bars either, as they can work out pretty impressive too (free standing wax options only).

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