Titanium Dioxide is commonly used to whiten cosmetics, soaps and toiletries.The two types available for makeup production are water dispersible and oil dispersible. The difference between the two lies in the amount of salts and minerals in the product.If there is more salt in the product it makes the pigment work better in the water phase of a product. If there is less salt then it is more compatible in the oil phases.
If you are looking to make loose powders, you may prefer oil dispersible (if the skin is not oily) as it will not take water out of the air like water dispersible, and therefore it will keep your product flowing better.
If you are formulating for oily skin, however,the water-dispersible type Titanium Dioxide may be a better option
If the product you are making has an oil phase, such as creams and lotions, we would suggest the oil dispersible product.
If you are whitening melt and pour soaps we recommend the water dispersible. Cold process soap making will accept either equally well.

Suitable for use on lips, eyes, face and nails

This product is anatase titanium dioxide.

CI# 77891 CAS# 13463-67-7