Triethyl Citrate (Natural)- Dermofeel Tec Eco is a colourless and odourless fat soluble liquid of natural origins.  It is an excellent addition to deodorant formulations as it inhibits the formation of sweat compounds that cause odour.

Dermofeel Tec Eco is 100% naturally derived, COSMOS approved and compliant with other standards for natural cosmetic creation.  

Use with Zinc Ricinoleate - Heirloom Body Care to create a totally natural deodorant formulation

INCI: Triethyl citrate
Usage Rate: 1.0 - 5.0%

In emulsions add to the oil phase and proceed as usual

In surfactant based formulations dissolve with the surfactants and adjust viscosity at the end of the process. 

In aqueous based formulations dissolve using a solubilizer then mix with the water phase and proceed as usual.