Heirloom's Vanilla Soap Colour Stabiliser is the key to achieving crisp, white soap with a classic vanilla scent. The unfortunate side effect of vanilla fragrance is the brown discolouration that occurs. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds: this product allows you to maintain a beautiful white soap base! When used in cold process soaps, this product works consistently for a few months. Unfortunately, past this time period the fragrance will gradually begin to win, causing the same discolouration you would have had if you did not use the product.

To use, place equal amounts of vanilla fragrance and Vanilla Colour Stabiliser (i.e. 10mL / 10mL) in a bottle and shake to combine. Allow to sit 15-30 mins before using.

Labelling: Fragrance

Please note: This product has a strong and unfortunate scent. Please be assured that this scent will not pervade your finished product.
INCI: Does not need to be added to the INCI as it becomes part of the fragrance mix when applied as per instructions ie preblend the fragrance with the stabiliser and stir/ shake the mixture. The product acts as a stabiliser to keep vanillin  in its correct chemical form.