Attention soap crafting aficionados! Introducing our White Soap Box Leaf, a delightful addition to your packaging repertoire that effortlessly complements any color scheme with its fresh appeal.

Measuring at a convenient 7cm x 9cm x 3cm, these boxes are tailor-made to accommodate a variety of modern soap molds, ensuring a seamless fit for your cherished creations. But here's where the magic truly unfolds – each box features a charming leaf cutout, offering you the flexibility to decide where you'd like your "scent peek hole" to reside. Whether adorning the top or nestled at the bottom, it's all about finding the perfect harmony with your labeling style.

Before diving in, a friendly reminder: Double-check to ensure these boxes are the perfect match for your product's dimensions. With our White Soap Box Leaf, packaging perfection awaits, empowering you to showcase your artisanal creations with flair and finesse!