Golden yellow beeswax pellets are a fabulous product to use when making lip balms, creams, soap, balms and solid perfume  pots or bars. These little golden beeswax pellets of ease make creating your own balms and creams a dream. Rather than have to deal with large chunks of beeswax, the crude beeswax is melted and filtered, then dripped into small usable pellets making weighing and measuring so very simple. Sometimes activated carbon &/or fullers earth is also used to help remove any impurities, but never any nasty cleaning methods.
Colour may vary from the batch pictured here as it depends greatly what plants the bees have been foraging to gather their resources.
A candle made with beeswax requires a larger wick than that of soy wax or paraffin due to its higher melting point, allowing for a more efficient burn.

Melt Point: 62ºC
CAS Number: 8012-89-3
Country of Origin: China

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