Ylang ylang has a sweet, sensual and exotic scent that is categorised by perfumers as a base note.   When added to body care products such as creams and lotions it allows regular use of this essential oil which may be  helpful in balancing the hormones.  When added to shampoos and contidtioners  it promotes the growth of healthy hair. Ylang ylang is often added to bath oils and massage oil to best utilise its aphrodisac qualities. It blends well with jasmine, neroli, rose and sandalwood essential oils and is a useful fixative for perfumes.

Botanical Name:
 Cananga odorata
Part Used: Flowers
Method of extraction: Steam distilled
Country of Origin: Madagascar
CAS Number: 8006-81-3
IFRA Restrictions: Armpit applications - 0.03%
                                Leave on products  - 0.18%
                                Wash off products  - 1.40%
                                Soap                       - 1.40%
                                Cleaning products  - 5.10%