Commercial essential oils are nearly all natural, but cannot wear this crown due to a touch of synthetic ingredient that brings down the price point.  If you are looking for 100% pure essential oil from one plant source this is not your category
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Lavender Commercial Essential Oil

Lavender Commercial Essential Oil is a product that is amazing for the smell of your body products, soaps and candles.  The soothing scent of this traditional flower calms and relaxes...

Lavender (French) Commercial Essential Oil

Often used as a middle or top note in perfumes, Lavender (French) Essential Oil has a fresh, clean, soft floral aroma. With its antiseptic and antidepressant properties, this essential oil...

Rose Absolute Commercial - Bulgarian

Rose essential oil is a euphoric scent, but can come with a hefty price tag. To try to reign that in to a more reasonable price, we are now offering...

Rose Geranium Commercial Essential Oil

Rose Geranium Commercial Essential oil has a pleasant floral scent with a complex bouquet reflecting a rose and citrus type combination. It is very popular with perfumers and skin care...