If you are looking for a palm free, low sweat, beautifully clear soap base then this could be your product of choice. It will withstand healthy melt point temperatures and will allow you to melt several times if needed. There are no ingredients such as SLS or SLES involved in this soaps creation. A beautifully clear product for creating soaps that require embeds or brilliant clarity to be seen at their best

Water, propylene glycol, sorbitol, sucrose, coconut oil, olive oil, sodium myristate, alkyl polyglucoside, sodium sarcosinate.

*although this is a low sweat melt and pour soap, a lot of things can cause your soap to sweat including overheating when you melt it, humidity in the air, certain fragrances that you put into the soap especially if you use candle fragrances. To prevent this occurring make sure you wrap your soap immediately after making.

If you are having issues with your melt and pour soap please read our troubleshooting guide