Dive into Summer Bliss with Our 2024 Fragrance Sampler Pack!

Embark on a sensory journey with our Summer 2024 Fragrance Sampler Pack, a delightful collection that invites you to experience the essence of the season in 15ml bottles. No need for a huge commitment – just pure, unbridled exploration of captivating scents.

🌸 This Seasons Sampler Pack Features 6 Enchanting Fragrances:

  1. Jasmine: Unleash the sweet and floral allure of jasmine, a timeless classic.

  2. Tropical Tangerine: Transport yourself to sun-kissed shores with the vibrant burst of tropical tangerine.

  3. Passionfruit and Papaya: A tropical paradise in a bottle, blending the exotic sweetness of passionfruit and papaya.

  4. Heirloom Baby Powder: Experience the comforting embrace of this classic fragrance, redefined for a new era.

  5. Irish Woodsman: Channel the rugged charm of the Irish woods with this captivating and masculine scent.

  6. Lily of the Valley: Immerse yourself in the delicate and timeless beauty of lily of the valley.

Why Settle for One Scent? Try Them All and Find Your Summer Signature! 🌞

Indulge in the luxury of variety and discover your favorites with our sampler pack. If you like them (and we're sure you will), you know where to find more! Elevate your summer with a symphony of scents that capture the essence of the season.

Order your Summer 2024 Fragrance Sampler Pack today and let the adventure begin!

Please check the links for each of the products individually
Contains 6 x 15ml bottles - 1 of each fragrance.